Sunday, May 31, 2009

Udon, You and Me

So, yesterday was a pretty busy day. Dave got Bea's playhouse put up in the backyard. Grandad, Bea and I watched while Bea asked "What Daddy doin'?" Nice days are spent almost exclusively in the backyard now so we've gotta make sure we're ready to go.

Morning naps be damned, we brushed our teeth and headed into little Tokyo to lunch on Udon. Bea LOVED it. She loves most food but this particular lunch was enough to warrant a "Mommy, yummy!"

After a nice long nap that extended from the car to a big girl bed (yes folks, Bea now sometimes naps in a twin bed set up for her Nana) we booked it to Andre's 2nd birthday party. Our little butterfly flitted from Leo to Andre for most of the afternoon, played with some trucks, played in some sand. It was a good day.

Today we'll be hanging out with Grandma and Lala while Dave's at BotCon. Hope you're having a great weekend too.

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