Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thank you for the fairies

I'm not gonna lie; sometimes the day-to-day can become a blur of diapers, food-prep, and TRYING to get an errand done. I constantly catch myself dragging my kid (the one who's not ACTUALLY strapped to me) through the parking lot or the store, or even the house. In an attempt to slow it all down and celebrate our time together, we've decided to notice the fairies.
We think our fairies migrated from Mama Za's garden and we're happy to give them a home in ours. In fact, thats how we spent our day yesterday.

Dave and I took the girls to Orcutt Park in West Hills to search for things that the fairies might enjoy.

Bea and her Daddy made this house for any fairies that might be living in the park.

Even little Pippi got in on the action. We took our bucket of treasures home and Bea set to readying the fairies' garden. She was really proud of herself. We can't wait to see if the fairies find their home.

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